4th Learning and Experience Sharing meeting

In January 2019 the fourth LES meeting took place in Ararat, Armenia. The focus of this LES was on implementation. Guest teacher this time was Torstein Nielsen, Head of the Preparedness and social development department from the city of Stavanger in Norway.

The focal points started with presenting the results of the self-assessments in their cities and discuss them with their colleagues. With the last comments given during the LES, the focal points finished their work on the reports. The final result was uploaded to the EC end of January and will be used as input for the cities’ DRM Strategies.

The Core team members and guest  teacher Torstein challenged the focal points to think and discuss in workshops about several topics  like “capacities for sustainable implementation”,   “ideas for citizens’ and civil society action”, “lobby, advocacy and decision processes” and preparedness planning. The last topic was discussed together with the stakeholders from Ararat who were invited to join this part of the LES. The focal points presented their own ideas about local DRM alliances and citizens actions and a lecture was given about DRM financing.

This LES meeting also was used to introduce the Peer Reviews. The Peer Review Framework as developed by the Core team was explained and the logistic preparations discussed in detail. The framework itself was one of the deliverables of the project and has been uploaded to the EC in the meantime. It is aligned with the self-assessment framework and makes sure that both activities – self-assessment and peer review – together provide a complete picture as a starting point for the local DRM Strategy.

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