5th LES meeting and risk congress coming up

In 10 days time CRISMAS will organise her 5th international Learning and Experience Sharing (LES) meeting in Coimbra. The topics of this meeting will be a look back on the work done during the last period (finalising of risk evaluation and self-assessment of DRM capacities) and a look forward to the upcoming work (designing a DRM strategy, cross-border and cross-sectoral meetings). The discussions will include the use of Bow-Tie analysis and of tools for capability analysis, such as Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA), Cost-Efficiency Analysis (CEA), Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA), Robust Decision Making Approaches (RDMA) and Tipping Point Analysis (TPA).

Furthermore, CRISMAS will give four presentations for the IVth international congress on risk:

  • Multi-hazard risk assessment and risk management planning: lessons from the MiSRaR, PRISMA and CRISMAS projects.
  • Integrating risk management in spatial planning: the case of Stavanger, Norway.
  • Risk management from the perspective of a developing country: the case of Ungheni, Moldova.
  • Emergency preparedness of schools: the case of Stavanger, Norway.
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