CRISMAS meeting Stavanger: successful LES meeting, PMM and Steering Committee

We started the 2nd year of our project with the 4th LES meeting in Stavanger January 17 & 18 2017. This meeting was as usual combined with a project management meeting and this time also with a meeting from the Steering Committee.

During the 1st day partners focussed in the Sola strand hotel on the “final results of the risk analysis” with presentations and discussions. Stavanger presented at the end of the morning as a bridge to work in the next period their previous experiences with turning risk assessment into risk management planning.

After a nice lunch, the team discussed in the afternoon the topic “Risk evaluation & setting objectives” as always starting with a presentation prepared by Ruud.

The last part of the afternoon was used for the combined PMM / SC meeting, attended by most of the steering committee members.

The second day partners started to present the outcomes of the self-assessments . Partners used the developed excel tool for this. the instrument turned out to be very useful. It did not only provide good insights but also stimulated the honest discussions between responsible departments and stakeholders and in this way being a good basis for further improvements.

The last topic of the day was “Bow Tie Analysis/capability assessment’ again starting with a presentation by Ruud, followed by discussion among the partners. A great introduction on the work to be done in Spring 2017.

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