About the curriculum

One of the two main action lines of the project is a curriculum on DRM for two “DRM focal points” of each city. The DRM curriculum will consist of six 3-day Learning and Experience Sharing meetings, eight e-Learning online classes and tailor-made coaching by the Core Team members in 4 local support and advice meetings for each city. The local DRM action will include a self-assessment of DRM capacities, city-to-city peer reviews, local stakeholder meetings and the development of a local DRM strategy with roadmap. The bridge between the learning process and local action is made by homework assignments, that transform learning questions to concrete local activities.

The curriculum is structured around the EU Risk Management Capability Assessment Guidelines. The curriculum covers the three stages from these Guidelines, preceded by a general introduction:

  1. Introduction into DRM
  2. Disaster Risk Assessment
  3. Disaster Risk Management Planning
  4. Implementing Disaster Risk Management

In each of these parts, the same topics from the Guidelines will be covered:

  • Governance (including legal frameworks, coordination and stakeholder involvement)
  • Methodology
  • Information & communication
  • Expertise
  • Financing

In addition, each of these parts will also cover these “special interests”:

  • EU perspective (UCPM, sectoral regulations, PPRD-East and so on)
  • Resilience
  • Spatial planning
  • Climate Change Adaptation
  • Sustainable Development