The curriculum materials (syllabi, presentations) have been made available on this website after each curriculum event. Under “community – good practices” you can also find a collection of open publications on DRM from other sources.

Disclaimer: general conditions for use of the publications

In accordance with the CapaCities project Grant Agreement signed between the European Commission and the six project partners, the results of the project are jointly owned by the Safety Region South-Holland South, ITINERIS health & safety, the Regional Centre of Sustainable Development, Ararat Municipality, the Self-Government City of Kutaisi and Ungheni City Hall. As the DRM curriculum is specifically developed with the aim to share it publicly, it may be used freely by others, under these conditions:

  • a clear mentioning of the source of the materials and the funding: “Courtesy of the EU CapaCities project,, funded by European Union Civil Protection”;
  • the CapaCities project is informed about the intended use via;
  • there is no commercial gain from the use of the materials.

The content of the project publications represents the views of the author(s) only and is his/her sole responsibility. The European Commission does not accept any responsibility for use that may be made of the information it contains.

Disclaimer: use of the curriculum for other cities
The curriculum is designed for medium-sized cities. The general principles and basic knowledge are also applicable to smaller/rural municipalities and bigger cities, but those will have specific needs that might differ a little from this curriculum. For example, in case of smaller, rural municipalities the limited administrative capacities and larger “distance” to regional and national stakeholders might indicate more focus on local community involvement, as well as focus on development of basic DRM capacities, rather than sophisticated risk specific policies. On the other hand, the bigger cities might have specific needs regarding for example urban resilience and interdepartmental coordination. In any case, all municipalities can feel free to make use of elements of this curriculum, but it is advisable to start with a clear understanding of the specific local needs.

Disclaimer: use of the curriculum for other countries
The curriculum is designed for Eastern Neighbourhood Countries. Of course, the general principles and basic knowledge about DRM are also applicable EU Member States. However, the curriculum pays specific attention to the PPRD-East programme, national legislation in Armenia, Georgia and Moldova, as well as coherence with EU policies in the context of a non-Member State. These elements might be less beneficial for cities in the EU.