Kutaisi meets with local stakeholders

On the 26th of September within the project “Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Capacity Development for Eastern Partnership Countries” financed by European Union Civil Protection, Kutaisi carried out a meeting with local stakeholders. The meeting included heads of different departments of Kutaisi City Hall, as well as active citizens and members of civil society. The stakeholders emphasized the importance of several risks for Kutaisi, such as floods and heavy winds. The participants discussed that raising awareness and giving more information regarding these risks should be very beneficial for the citizens. Within the framework of the project Kutaisi will develop a preliminary multi-hazard risk assessment and will perform a self-assessment of the current local Disaster Risk Management capacities. Together these assessments will form the basis for a DRM strategy for Kutaisi with strategic objectives for the coming years. The coming period the DRM focal points of Kutaisi City Hall will closely involve the local stakeholders in these activities and share knowledge and experience with the international project partners from Armenia, Moldova and the Netherlands.

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