Last round of SAM meetings

The last round of Support and Advice Meetings (SAM) took place in October and November 2019. The second week of October Chi Brouwer visited Ungheni as representative of the Core team. Of course she was supported by Swetlana and Liliana. She took a colleague from the safety region with her who is an expert of flood management and crisis communication, Eddy van Well.

During the SAM they discussed the outcomes of LES 5 with the focal points and the stakeholders. Especially the structure and objectives of the Strategy and the action plan were discussed. They also discussed the necessity of having a risk communication strategy and presented the ideas of SHS regarding this topic.

They also visited the river embankment and flood zone to show Eddy the situation and discuss with him possible measures for flood safety.

Early November the Core team, represented by Nico and Chi visited Kutaisi and a week later Ararat. In both cities the team discussed among themselves and later also with the stakeholders the progress of writing the strategy and the action plan.

In Ararat also the dissemination meeting with the surrounding municipalities took place during the SAM. This meeting was held in Artashat in the office of the regional emergency department. After a welcome word by Colonel Margaryan Murad Kerob the presentations of the focal points and the core team took place and a lively discussion ensued about cooperation between municipalities and the emergency department. Especially prevention, building permits, control and enforcement, as well as risk communication and early warning became hot items and all present felt the need to work on the actions mentioned in the roadmap in cooperation with each other. Finally, in all cities the Core team paid attention to some project management issues, like the submitting of the last deliverables and instructions about final reporting.

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