Peer Review in Ungheni

Part of the project activities in 2019 is the organization of 3 local Peer Reviews. The first city in which a Peer Review was executed was Ungheni.
For the purpose of the Peer Reviews a Peer Review framework was developed by the Core Team. Following this framework makes it easier to discuss all relevant DRM topics without forgetting anything and makes it also easy to compare the results with the outcome of the Self-Assessments.

The 3-day mission took place April 16th till 19th. The peer team consisted of the Core team members Nico van Os and Ruud Houdijk, focal points Haykanush Hovhannisyan (Ararat) and Tea Xecurianu (Kutaisi) and one of Kutaisi’s stakeholders, David Chkhobadze from World Vision Georgia. The focal points from Ungheni, Oxana Ciobanu and Victoria Darie, prepared the mission and made a very nice programme with a lot of stakeholders involved.

The first day started with a welcome by the mayor of Ungheni, mr. Alexandru Ambros and a general introduction of the peer review: purpose, programme and peer review framework, for the whole group of participating stakeholders.

The remaining time of this first day was used to discuss with representatives of city hall and other stakeholders the first topics: “Risk governance”, “Spatial planning”, “Risk Assessment / DRM Planning” and “Risk reduction/prevention”. All topics were introduced with a short presentation, followed by a open and honest discussion with the stakeholders about the strong and weak points in the curent situation.

The second day in the morning, the peer team visited the national Inspectorate for Emergency Situations in Chișinău. The team learned a lot about the risk governance on national level and how this interacts with the district and local level. In the afternoon the group moved to the School of Safety to discuss with the staff from the school the way how staff and civillians are educated and trained in the field of preparedness and prevention.

The last day started at the regional department of Emergency Situations with presentations and discussions about “preparedness and response”. In the afternoon the peer team discussed with local Representative of the Department of Education in Ungheni the topic “Risk education and citizens’ preparedness”, followed by  a last session with the representatives of city hall and other stakeholders to hear more about “recovery, rebuilding and rehabilitation”.

Finally, at the end of these very interesting and educational days the peer team said goodbye to the stakeholders in Ungheni but not without first sharing their first impressions with them. The team got a pretty complete picture of the situation in Ungheni regarding DRM and was impressed by what they have seen and heard. Nevertheless they also found some topics with potential to improve. This will be shared with Ungheni in the recommendations of the team which are expected end of Spring.

Next Steps

End of May the Peer Review in Ararat will take place, followed by the Peer Review in Kutaisi en of June. With the good experience in Ungheni the teams look forward to carry out the Peer Reviews in these two cities.

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