The Prisma project has organized 3 international conferences. On this page you will find a brief report of these conferences.

Wednesday March 12th 2014, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

The first PRISMA conference, held in Stara Zagora, was a succesful one with the participation of more then 40 people. The governor of the region, Mrs. Zhivka Aladzhova and Mr. Ognian Zlatev, Head of the representation of the European Commission opened theconference. Mr. Zlatev presented the audience the new legislation and policy regarding risk management, risk assessment and disaster risk reduction. He emphasized the role that local and regional authorities can and should play and the importance of international/European cooperation. During the day, members of the Prisma projectteam and the local project team presented their ideas and experiences with riskassessment and risk management, using the MiSRaR aproach. Mr. Leen Revallier, a Dutch consultant, discussed with the audience his experiences in Bosnia, Moldova and Congo, where he used the MiSRAR handbook in his work. In the afternoon, more in particular keynote speakers focused on the case in Stara Zagora and how they deal with wild fires in the region.

Tuesday, April 15th 2014, Tallinn, Estonia

The second PRISMA conference, which was held at the Tallink City hotel in Tallinn on April 15, 2014 , had a similar structure as the first conference in Stara Zagora and was visited by 40 people. The day was opened by the Deputy Mayor of Tallinn, Kalle Klandorf and head of the North Tallinn Administration, Karin Tammemägi. Mari Tikan of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Estonia started after this opening with a presentation on the method and legal framework of the national risk assessment. For the participants it was interesting to hear that local authorities are obliged to take into account the results of this risk assessments, which are often drawn up by national organizations, in their land-use planning. There were also presentations from Lyubomira Raeva of the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior on the structure of the Bulgarian risk and crisis management , the Prisma project team members with regard to the experience gained within the project and local project team members on specific issues and experiences in Tallinn North .The day ended with the presentation of LeenRevallier about his experiences in Europe and Africa to strengthen the capacities of local authorities in the area of risk and crisis management.

Thursday May 15th 2014, Aveiro, Portugal

The third and last conference was hosted by the municipality of Aveiro and held in the Plenary Hall of the Aveiro Municipal Assembly. with more then 50 participants also this conference was very succesful. The conference was openened by mr.Jorge Ratola, Councillor Planning & Land management, Safety & Civil Protection, Urban Services & Mobility. Like the other conferences, Nico van Os, project manager of the PRISMA project presented the project itself and the relation with the interregIVc project MiSRaR. This presentation was followed by a presentations of Marta Afonso and Margarida Castelo-Branco from DGT DSOT, Portugal about the national policy on prevention and risk reduction in spatial planning. After the lunch, Vasilis Kontogiannis presented lessons from the Nereids project in his presentation “Risk assessment of marine pollution”. After this presentation the PRISMA project members presented their experiences in using the MiSRaR approach in practice and Leen Revallier his international experiences with the MiSRaR handbook. The very animated debate that followed was a deserving end of the series conferences.