The first objective of the 5 project partners was to test the cross-sectoral implementation of the risk assessment and risk management (prevention) strategies as described in the brochures and handbook of the InterregIVC project MiSRaR (Mitigation Spatial Relevant Risks in European Regions and Towns). The partners have tested these strategies on the following priority risks:

  • rail transport of dangerous substances (SR-SHS)
  • risks of dangerous substances in SEVESO industries and its road and rail transport (Aveiro)
  • urban fires in the historic city centre (Mirandela)
  • fires in the urban area with protected wooden houses (Tallinn)
  • forest fires (SZREDA).

The second objective was to promote risk management and organize knowledge exchange between other local, regional and provincial governments and cross-sectoral risk management partners within the European Union (and associated states) on:

  • the concepts, strategies, best practices and lessons learnt on risk assessment, risk management and the relation with disaster preparedness as described in the aforementioned handbook;
  • the practical experiences with the implementation of the handbook as described under objective 1;
  • the consequences of the ‘EU staff working paper on Risk Assessment and Mapping Guidelines for Disaster Management’ for local, regional and provincial governments and the possibilities for connecting national and decentralized risk assessment and risk management policies.