Related projects

PRISMA is part of a string of connected EU projects.

The MiSRaR project (Mitigation Spatial Relevant Risks in European Regions and Town, 2010-2012) was a cooperation between the Safety Region South-Holland South (the Netherlands), the municipality of Aveiro (Portugal), the municipality of Mirandela (Portugal), the city of Tallinn (Estonia), the province of Forlì-Cesena (Italy), the EuroPerspectives Foundation (Bulgaria) and the Region of Epirus (Greece). MiSRaR addressed the issue of mitigating relevant hazards through the inclusion of risk assessment and risk management in spatial planning. The project developed an integrated approach towards risk mitigation to assist regional and local governments in developing their mitigation plan for spatial relevant risks. During the three years of project implementation time, the partners have exchanged over a hundred good practices and summarized their lessons in the MiSRaR handbook. The project was cofinanced by the ERDF and made possible by the Interreg IVc programme.

The CRISMAS project (Community for Risk Management and Assessment, 2016-2017) was a cooperation between the Safety Region South-Holland South (the Netherlands), ITINERIS health & safety (the Netherlands), the province of Forlì-Cesena (Italy), the Agency for economic development of the city of Prijedor “PREDA-PD” (Bosnia and Herzegovina), the city of Stavanger (Norway) and the district of Ungheni (Moldova). The aim of the CRISMAS project was threefold: [1] Support regions and cities implementing all hazard risk management and assessment methodologies, including the cross sectorial and cross border dimension. [2] Build a European wide community for government professionals working on risk management and assessment to encourage cooperation and knowledge exchange within the EU. [3] Improve links between relevant actors and policies throughout the disaster management cycle (prevention-preparedness-response-recovery). The project was funded by European Union Civil Protection.

In the EU project CapaCities a core team of 3 knowledge partners – the Safety region South-Holland South and ITINERIS health & safety from the Netherlands and the Regional Centre of Sustainable Development from Moldova – will help three cities in Eastern Partnership countries: Ararat in Armenia, Kutaisi in Georgia and Ungheni in Moldova. The general objective is to structurally improve the capacities of these three cities to lead and coordinate a structured process of Disaster Risk Management (DRM) planning. By the end of the project these cities should be capable to continue a structured DRM planning, led by knowledgeable and competent focal points and based on a concrete DRM strategy including a roadmap (local, with relevant regional dimensions), that has been developed during the project with all relevant stakeholders.

The PRISMA project was funded by European Union Civil Protection. The other funded projects can be found on the website of the European Commission.