Action lines

The CapaCities project had a duration of two years. The main focus in the 1st year was a DRM curriculum, organized by the Core Team, for 2 or 3 ‘DRM focal points’ of each city, to increase their knowledge about DRM, including EU, UN and national DRM policies, guidelines, programmes, methods, theories and practical approaches.

Starting in the first year, but intensified in the second year, the focal points worked on local DRM action. The focal points transferred the obtained knowledge to their colleagues and local stakeholders with support of the Core Team. The development of network relations with stakeholders, as a start for a structured cooperation on DRM, was part of this process. At the end of the project the cities have develop local strategies and roadmaps to improve their DRM farther in the next years, with commitment of the local stakeholders.

The bridge between the two action lines were homework assignments. In these assignments the focal points had two apply what they had learned in practice. To increase the self-insight of the cities in their own situation regarding DRM capabilities and potential areas of improvement, each city has organized a Self-Assessment, using a tool developed by the Core Team. This was followed by a Peer Review in each city by the focal points of the other cities and the Core Team.