The general objective was to structurally improve the capacities of these three cities to lead and coordinate a structured process of Disaster  Risk Management (DRM) planning. By the end of the project these cities were capable to continue a structured DRM planning, led by knowledgeable and competent focal points and based on a concrete DRM strategy including a roadmap (local, with relevant regional dimensions), that has been developed during the project with all relevant stakeholders.

The specific objectives and expected outcomes were:

  1. Increased knowledge in the 3 “recipient cities” about DRM, covering the phases from the EU guideline Risk Management Capability Assessment (Disaster Risk Assessment, Disaster Risk Management Planning, Implementing Disaster Risk Management), the different capacities from the aforementioned guideline (Governance, Methodology, Information & communication, Expertise and Financing) and the areas of “special interest” for the 3 cities (EU perspective, Resilience, Spatial Planning, Climate Change, Sustainable Development).
  2. Strong and competent focal points/coordinators for DRM in the 3 “recipient cities”, able to lead the development of DRM in the cities the following years in cooperation with their colleagues in the cities and other relevant stakeholders.
  3. Increased self-insight of the city administrations in their own situation regarding DRM capabilities and potential areas of improvement.
  4. Development of network relations with the local DRM stakeholders of the three cities, as a start for a structured cooperation on DRM.
  5. Development of local strategies and action plans to further improve DRM by the three cities in the following years, that has the commitment of the local stakeholders.