The CapaCities project was a cooperation of the following six partners from the EU and its neighbours:

The Safety Region South-Holland South was lead partner of the project and coordinated the project in close cooperation with its Dutch knowledge partner ITINERIS health & safety (formerly Houdijk Consultancy). Both partners have previous experience with EU projects on risk management and disaster risk reduction in the Interreg IVC project MiSRaR, the DG ECHO projects PRISMA and CRISMAS, as well as the EU Peer Review Programme on Disaster Risk Management. The third partner in the Core Team was the Regional Centre of Sustainable Development (PA RCSD) from Moldova. PA RCSD is a NGO that promotes European values, contributes to strengthening of the capacity of local public authorities, civil society and the business environment, and facilitates the process of involving citizens in local and regional sustainable development policies. PA RCSD has performed many projects, with a focus on sustainable development and cross-border cooperation. Staff of PA RCSD has been involved in the EU project CRISMAS and has great expertise in the field of DRM.

The recipient cities Ararat in Armenia, Kutaisi in Georgia and Ungheni in Moldova, that benefitted from the actions in the project, are medium-sized cities (resp. 14th, 3rd and 7th biggest cities in their country). They have relevant risk levels across a wide range of hazards, for example earthquake, draught, cold and severe industrial pollution (Ararat), floods, cold and hail storms (Kutaisi) and floods, earthquake and transport of hazardous substances (Ungheni), and many more. They have to deal with similar limitations to their DRM capabilities. They are motivated to learn more about risk assessment, Disaster Risk Management planning, risk informed urban planning, urban resilience and sectoral EU policies (like the Flood-, Seveso-III- and CIP Directives) to improve their own capabilities in these fields. All cities have the ambition to continue developing their DRM capacities after the project based on what has been learned during the courses, self-assessment and peer reviews.