Province and regional civil protection meet with Mayor of Forlì

On 31 March 2017 the local working group met the President of Province and Mayor of Forlì, Mr Davide Drei, to update him on the results/outcomes of the project CRISMAS so far and to ask for a more concrete commitment of the municipality in the project.

The meeting was aimed to present the progress of CRISMAS project activities in order to consider the possibility to integrate the Risk Evaluation outcomes into the mitigation measures of Forlì Municipality, in terms of technical evaluations, implemented and/or future actions and strategies, especially in relation with the revision of the municipal urban plan that has just started.

The all hazard matrix (probability X impact) is illustrated with an explanation on the chosen risks for the area of Forlì and the calculation methodology used according to the European Guidelines.
A first proposal of Risk Evaluation realised by the local working group is presented, focusing on measures and strategies for mitigation and management of seismic and hydraulic risks, that resulted to be the main identified risks for Forlì area.

Mr Drei is very interested in the project activities and agrees on the results/outcomes so far. He confirms the will of Forlì municipality to play a more active role in the project and accepts the proposal to use the outcomes of CRISMAS project (all hazard matrix and risk evaluation) for the following actions:
– Adapting the general results of risk evaluation to the case study redefining the framework of the measures and strategies for mitigation and management of seismic and hydraulic risks, taking into account both the actions already implemented by municipality and the programmed and/or to be programmed activities;
– Preparing a global framework of measures (pro-actions, actions to reduce probability, impact, to improve response, information and awareness raising campaigns) for the elaboration / integration of the Activity Plan of Municipality of Forlì
– As Forlì has just started the work to a new municipal structural plan (PSC), proposal to integrate the results/outcomes of the project CRISMAS into measures included in the instruments for spatial urban planning and requalification. A formal political act will be made to formalise the measures.

It is also agreed on the importance of an active participation of the municipal technicians from Urban Planning in the next part of the project, involving them in the regular technical meetings with the other stakeholders.
Municipality of Forlì invites the CRISMAS team to contact the local Department for Architectural Heritage of the Ministry for Culture and Tourism, in order to share the project results and the possible use of the outcomes to favour the search of solutions aimed both to protect the architectural heritage and to increase safety in private and public buildings classified as architectural heritage.

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