Second Learning and Experience Sharing meeting

Since the kick-off meeting of CRISMAS, all partners have worked on risk identification and risk mapping and also on developing and maintaining their network. During the 2nd Learning & Experience Sharing Meeting in Forlì April 19th and 20th 2016, partners discussed together their experiences with these topics.

All partners created networks of stakeholders who participated in the local kick-off meetings. Also Steering Committees and local Working Groups have been created. The way the partners organized this differed. Formal – informal, large one day meetings with 60 participants or frequent meetings with just a few participants, even “breakfast meetings were organized. Every partner used the way which suits best in the given situation. But in all cases it was clear that involvement of partners is an important part of the process.

Partners presented the first day also their methods for risk identification and the results so far. The methods used differed very much and there was an intensive discussion and exchange of ideas related to this topic. After these presentations participants “peer reviewed” in small subgroups each other’s risk identification process. Several conclusions were made and the partners decided to work together on improvement.

At the end of the first day, mr. Marcello Arfellia, representative from Forlì’s Department for Environment and Civil Protection, showed the participants of the meeting the examples of the seismic vulnerability in the old city centre of Forlì. Het started with an extended presentation on the topic and this was followed by a tour through the city centre. Both the presentation as the tour were very interesting for the participants.

The second day partners explained their methods for risk mapping and available sources. After the presentations and an extended discussion it was concluded that it is important to make a distinction between mapping for different purposes: strategic (showing the outcome of risk assessments to decision makers), operational (for crisis management), for spatial planning and public risk mapping (awareness, risk communication, risk education). Within CRISMAS (and within the limitations of the project objective) the aim is the develop strategic risk mapping, as a basis for further development in future.

After the presentations about risk identification during day 1, partners discussed the second day different methods and principles used for multi-hazard risk analysis. The different methods were compared and the discussion following focussed on the question how to solve the issues, making use of the advantages of elements of other methods.

The last activity in this second LES meeting was a presentation of the Flood risk management in the plain district close to Forlì. Especially the analysis and problem solving in the section Villafranca – Forlì was shown. The presentation was followed by a visit to this area to give the participants the opportunity to see the situation with their own eyes.

The next LES meeting will take place in Prijedor, September 27th & 28th 2016. As usual the meeting will be combined with a project management meeting and followed by a round of Support & Advice meetings.

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