Ungheni city strengthens its DRM capacities through CapaCities project

During March 6th – 7th 2018 there took place the first Support and Advise Meeting in frame of the CapaCities project. The goal of the meeting was to set out a roadmap for the focal points and for the Local Working Group that was created within the project as to establish a cooperation framework at Ungheni city level for adequate disaster risk management.

One day of support and consultancy was dedicated to the focal points in order to set roles and responsibilities according to project’s needs and objectives. In this regard, the experts of the project’s core team discussed in detail with the representatives of the focal points the needs for the next two years resulting from the Learning and Experience Sharing meeting held a month ago. The experts noted the existing potential at local level, highlighting as further needs: updating the sectoral strategy for disaster management of Ungheni city, strengthening local-central cooperation, involving stakeholders in disaster management, mainstreaming DRM in spatial planning.

Methods to cover and address the needs of focal points have been jointly agreed and set out by providing support and advice, models and best practices, solutions and methodologies existing at European Union level and lessons learned in previous projects.

On March 7th 2018, there took place the first meeting of the local Working Group, which members were familiarized with project objectives, activities and expected results. At the beginning of the meeting, Mayor of Ungheni City, Alexandru Ambros highlighted the fact that the action fits into the strategies established at local level as regards the sustainable development of the city.

The focal points received instructions for homework for the next period, that will be developed and consulted with the Working Group. This work will cover the terminology and philosophy of the national legal framework, the tasks and responsibilities established by the legislation for local and central authorities, and also elements of communication with stakeholders.

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