Objectives & results

The aim of the CRISMAS project is threefold:

  • Support regions and cities implementing all hazard risk management and assessment methodologies, including the cross sectorial and cross border dimension.
  • Build a European wide community for government professionals working on risk management and assessment to encourage cooperation and knowledge exchange within the EU.
  • Improve links between relevant actors and policies throughout the disaster management cycle (prevention-preparedness-response-recovery).

The expected project results are:

  • The project will offer a specific learning environment for the project partners and their local stakeholders, as well as a virtual learning community open for all local/regional governments within the EU. The results of this learning community will be documented and shared EU wide.
  • Within the duration of the project,  as a concrete result an all hazard risk assessment  and  a strategy on risk management planning, resulting in concrete policy recommendations for risk reduction will be performed by each of the 4 implementing project partners.  This will also lead to an increased risk awareness  and improved knowledge about risk management planning and the EU regulations and methodologies  in this field.
    The virtual community with its own digital platform will also be a direct result of the project. The community / platform will be maintained and further developed  for several years after the closing of the project.
  • As a more middle and long term impact, the project will promote, and contribute to, the development and implementation of – cross border and cross sectorial – risk assessments on regional and local level and the integration with risk management capacity building into the planning process. We expect as a result also improved governance at all levels and across all sectors and enhanced partnerships between the different stakeholders, not only in particular in the partner regions but also more in general in the involved countries and further in Europe.

The project will build on and strengthen the efforts already made in the MiSRaR and PRISMA projects and with the development of the EU guidelines on Risk assessment & mapping, the EU guideline on Risk management assessment and the Peer Reviews in 2015 and 2016.