This website is aimed at creating an Europe-wide virtual community of public experts on the subject of risk assessment and risk management from local and regional governments: the so-called Community for Risk Management and Assessment or CRISMAS.

This community is built on experiences of the Interreg IVC project MiSRaR and the EU project PRISMA. In MiSRaR good practices on “spatial mitigation” have been shared between 7 decentral governments across the EU. This has resulted in a practical, non-technical MiSRaR handbook with lessons on the design and implementation of public risk management processes. In PRISMA these lessons have been tested on actual cases for transport of hazardous substances, wild fires and urban fires.

Now we want to start sharing experiences across the whole of Europe. On this site you can find a good practices database, an online discussion forum and progress information on the project. Are you a public expert and do you want to become our virtual colleague and peer? Well then, join our discussions and knowledge sharing!