First online meeting of CapaCities

On March 20th the first so-called e-LES was organised: an online meeting to share lessons and experiences. Ararat, Kutaisi and Ungheni presented their homework results about local DRM governance and national DRM legislation. The focal points felt the homework was a very important starting point for their learning process. It obliged them to start reading about their local and national situation and reach out to stakeholders. They have found relevant national strategies and legislation, that can be of good help for their city.

The Core Team presented a short lecture about “mainstreaming DRM” and making the connection with Climate Change Adaptation and Sustainable Development. Practical guidance was provided on how to initiate mainstreaming, starting from understanding all relevant sectoral policy planning processes. For the next e-LES meeting such an analysis is part of the homework for the focal points.

The project partners also discussed the outcomes of the “zero measurement of DRM knowledge”. The needs and expectations expressed by the focal points will be used to fine-tune the curriculum.

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